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Here are several vacuum tube amps that I have designed and built over the last several years. 

DHT Pre-amp Updated May 2018

A pre-amp designed to work with the 4-pin directly heated triodes

01-A, 30, 31, and 112-A.

12B4-A Pre-amp

A pre-amp using the highly regarded 9-pin 12B4-A tube which was originally designed for use in television receivers.

45/6J5 Monoblocks

Single-ended monoblock power amps with the venerable 45 directly heated triode tube with a 6J5 driver.

A Moving -Coil Phono pre-amp with the 6C6 pentode and 9-pin 5687. This project has been delayed due to time constraints and I need to do more research
The DHT Filament Regulator for sale soon
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